Al Jazeera Documentary

Willie Jerome Manning is to be the subject of a documentary by Al Jazeera scheduled for broadcast later this year.

In May, Al Jazeera sent a team to Mississippi to interview one of Willie’s attorneys and a local social activist, thereby giving air time to people whose views were not generally heard in the media.  Soon afterwards they made a program (Inside Story Americas: The flaws in the US justice system)  that highlighted Willie’s narrow escape from execution and asked, “What does this case reveal about capital punishment in the United States?”

The new documentary about Willie promises to ask searching questions that should make for interesting and uncomfortable viewing.

Meanwhile, we have received a letter from Willie in which he has written to everyone that has left him a message:

“I’m very, very grateful for your words of encouragement, your inspiring messages and all of your support”.

If you would like to send Willie more messages, using, we will continue to pass them on to him. No matter how short, every message of support is valuable to Willie, and helps him to survive another challenging day on death row.

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