Willie’s Birthday: Another Year Endured

June 12, 2016, will mark Willie Jerome Manning’s 48th birthday. He has been held in a tiny cell on Mississippi’s death row since he was a young man of 26. It is difficult to imagine anyone more worthy of receiving a birthday card than Willie.

Three years after he narrowly avoided execution, Willie is still waiting for the results of DNA testing related to his remaining case. It has been a long and difficult wait. Conditions on Mississippi death row are extremely harsh. And during the last few months there have been extended periods of additional restrictions, including lengthy lockdowns.

Willie has always claimed innocence in his remaining case, as he did in the case for which he has been exonerated. In the latter case, perjury/false accusation and official misconduct helped to convict him

If you would like to help lift Willie’s spirits this month, it is easily achieved: any communication with the world outside proves to him that he is not forgotten. You can mail him a birthday card or birthday wishes, addressed to:

Willie Manning,
U/29/J 71931,
MS 38738,

The sender’s full name and address must be written in the top left hand corner of the envelope. Cards must not have a double layer where something could be concealed. Even a postcard must be sent in an envelope. Be aware that letters may be read as part of the prison monitoring process. Letters sent from overseas should have an airmail sticker, to reduce the possibility of delays.

And thank you for keeping Willie in your thoughts and prayers.

If anyone would like to contribute money to Willie’s prison account, this can be done simply through the ‘JPay’ website. Willie’s ID number is 71931.
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