DNA Profiles: the Latest

An update on the progress of DNA testing in Willie Manning’s case has been issued. The statement refers to hair samples, which we understand to be fragments vacuumed from the floor of Tiffany Miller’s car,* and to other items that are available for screening. Willie’s attorney wrote:

“The lab… reported… that partial mitochondrial DNA profiles suitable for comparison were obtained from some of the samples… We are reviewing the evidence inventory list to determine priorities for testing and will confer with the lab personnel about the next items which should be screened for DNA.”

It is good to learn that DNA profiles on the hair fragments can be compared, and that more items are likely to be screened for DNA. We wish Willie well as he waits.

*See more about this testing here and here. For more about how the hair fragments were used at Willie’s trial, see here. 
This post was amended on May 26, 2018, to clarify that items in addition to the hair fragments are likely to be screened for DNA.
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