A Good Start to 2017

On death row any good news can raise the spirits. As 2017 begins, Willie Manning must be happy to know that a fellow inmate, Charles Crawford, has been allowed to challenge Mississippi’s plan to use compounded drugs, specifically midazolam, for his execution. 

Crawford’s gain was narrowly won: the Mississippi Supreme Court was split 5:4 on the issue last month. But the decision now helps to remove any threat of imminent execution for all the inmates:
‘University of Mississippi law professor Tucker Carrington said no executions are likely in the state until Crawford’s case is resolved. “Until some kind of hearing, somewhere, in some court, I don’t see executions going forward using this drug,” Carrington said.’

We wish Willie a Happy New Year. We trust that 2017 will also bring him good news about his case. He deserves no less.

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