The Real Murderers may have Killed Again

Willie Manning has always claimed innocence in both his cases, and has already been exonerated in one case. Referring to Willie’s remaining case, former policeman Vincent Hill explains that the murders of two students indicate not robbery, but a crime of passion. He adds,
(At 50.10) “Unfortunately, I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again – there’s someone out there that has gotten away with this murder, because just looking at the wounds, especially to Tiffany, they were personal. They were personal, they were personal, you know. That does not happen in a robbery. It just doesn’t happen.’

Moreover, it is also possible that the real perpetrator has killed again, perhaps repeatedly, at liberty to murder because the wrong person is confined. It is equally possible that in Willie’s second case the real murderer has killed again.

Frank Baumgartner and his wife, Jennifer Thompson, are trying to raise public awareness that:
“[P]reventing wrongful convictions is not just a way of stopping individual injustices: it’s a way of fighting crime.”

Baumgartner estimates that of the approximately 40,000 wrongful convictions every year in the USA, perhaps a quarter involves the actual perpetrator remaining at large. Some must be murderers, who may kill again.

We wish Baumgartner and Thompson success with their campaign. And we hope the public demands that Willie should have a new trial.


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