Grounds for Optimism

2019 is drawing to a close on an optimistic note! Willie Manning’s fellow death row inmate, Curtis Flowers, has finally been granted freedom (on bail) after being subjected to six trials during nearly two decades. The improper prosecutor strikes for black jurors in Flowers’  case were highlighted by the US Supreme Court:
“Equal justice under law requires a criminal trial free of racial discrimination in the jury selection process.”
We hope courts sustain this view when reviewing Willie’s remaining case.

We also now know that 2019 has seen progress on the DNA testing of hairs from Willie’s case. It seems that two batches of hair evidence have been tested this year: a batch described as “additional hairs” were tested in the spring; and “two hair fragments” were due to be tested between June and October.

The results of this testing are yet to be disclosed, but it is reassuring to know that Willie’s case is no longer at a standstill.

We trust that Willie sees these events as grounds for optimism for his case. And we wish him and his family a peaceful holiday season.

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