Watch Willie’s Oral Argument Live!

If you wish to bypass media reports and instead listen live to the arguments in Willie Jerome Manning’s second case, you can do so next Monday. A webcast from the Mississippi Supreme Court will allow access to the court proceedings from anywhere in the world.

You can view the oral argument for Willie’s Brookville Garden case (involving the murders of two elderly women) at the State of Mississippi Judiciary, on Monday October 27 2014 at 1.30 PM CDT. You may need to try using different browsers in order to find one that works. Instructions for viewing, and for access to the court, are given here.

Please note that the whole webcast should last not much more than one hour (each side is allowed half an hour to submit their argument).

If you are watching from outside the State of Mississippi, please check the difference in time between your location and Mississippi. If you are outside the USA, please be aware that Daylight Saving Time in the USA ends the weekend after the webcast (unlike in Europe, for instance, where Daylight Saving Time ends the weekend before – so for the week of the webcast the time difference will be one hour less than usual).

If you are unable to watch the webcast live, you should still be able to view it once it is  archived at the link given above.

We are grateful that the webcast will allow transparency in the proceedings. We urge you to watch.


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