Twenty-Five Years on Death Row

Today, November 10, 2019, marks 25 years since Willie Manning first entered death row. A jury had found him guilty of murdering Tiffany Miller and Jon Steckler, despite no physical evidence linking him to the murders.

Two years later Willie was found guilty of a second double murder in a case brought by the same prosecutor, Forrest Allgood. This case collapsed in 2015 when the crucial state witness recanted; the Mississippi Supreme Court found that the prosecution had suppressed evidence favorable to Willie.

Willie’s original case keeps him on death row more than 6 years after the Mississippi Supreme Court agreed to allow DNA testing of biological evidence from the murder scene and analysis of fingerprints found in the car belonging to one of the victims. It is unclear why this testing is taking so long.

Please keep Willie Manning in your thoughts on the sad anniversary of his arrival on death row 25 years ago.

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