My Life

I have a rhyme to present to you…
I’m hoping you feel…
It’s bout people fightin for life
And it’s definitely real.

This ain’t no fairy tale
It’s my life –
Caught up in the ville…
So this should only take a moment
Let me tell you the deal.

Imagine being in a position
Where you’re fightin for appeals…
You’ve people out there judging
Knowing your fate they can seal.
You ain’t ever harmed nobody
But they say that you’ve killed…
You’re maintaining your innocence,
With solid proof it’s real.

Going back –
To the beginning
They was all in my grill…
Asking me –
A bunch of questions
About Jack and bout Jill.

Tryin to check
My intellect
Or at least get a feel…
But I ain’t never killed nobody
So why the hell I’m gon’ kneel.

Anger’s risen –
But I’m disguising
Tryin to keep it concealed…
I know these people want me to blow
Then swoop in for a kill.
I ain’t no fool, homie
Why should I give ’em that thrill…
Who gives a damn bout where you from
Long as you’re keeping it real.

So I hope –
That you have felt me
And you know how I feel.
I’m like a fish in this water
Except I’m missing my gills.
But I’ve got faith… Y’all…
I’m sure that time will reveal…
The whole truth…
And shed some light
Cause thats a part of my zeal.

By Willie