In Memory Of…

(In Memory Of My Little Brother)
Mr. Walter Carrell Manning
12/30/77 – 5/17/97
When choosing an angel,
God keeps it clean,
he chose you at the tender age of nineteen.
Although you never made it 
to the age of 27,
you weren’t terminated from earth
just promoted to heaven.
Just thinking of you, 
one fills up with tears,
its hard to believe
you had very few years.
This is very hard for me
as you probably could bet, 
because the words to describe you
haven’t been thought of yet.
I remember the brotherly advice
that you so often tried to give,
which helps me to stay focus
in this place which I live.
I remember all the wonderful things
that you used to do,
and when I looked up ‘brother’ in the dictionary
there was a picture of you.
In May of ’97
it seems all went down hill,
someone had hurt your younger brother,
and you could no longer chill
So you wouldn’t have to suffer,
wouldn’t ache – an wouldn’t moan,
God said: “Walter it’s time …
come to your new heavenly home.”
The way you departed this earth
seems to be a real trip,
we don’t understand
because God wrote the script.
In within your last breath
within the last beat of your heart,
you were true to what you believed
and for that I do applaud.
You were a wonderful brother
loyal ‘G’ and true friend,
if I listed all that you were
this poem would never end.
So for your everlasting memories
that are still alive and true,
Much Love – Peace Out –
Bro’ I really am going to Miss You!